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Red Roof Catering Menu

Pulled Pork Sliders                   $1.50/ea                      Meatloaf Sliders           $1.50/ea 
Dates Wrapped with Bacon    100/$85                      Stuffed Mushrooms    100/$85
Cucumber Tea Sandwiches     $0.75/ea                     Swedish Meatballs       $0.85/ea
Chicken Satay                            $1.25/ea                      Cocktail Meatballs       $0.85/ea
Chicken Teriyaki                       $1.25/ea                      Spanikopita                   $0.95/ea
Crab Cakes                                 $1.50/ea                      Mezza of Dips/Vegs     $3.00/person
Smoked Salmon (dressed)      $65.00                         Dim Sum (variety)       $1.25/ea          

Melon-Wrapped Prosciutto    $1.25/ea
Mushroom-Stuffed Phyllo Triangles       $1.00/ea​
International Cheese and Cracker Tray  $3.00/person
Luncheon Tea Sandwiches (chicken, beef, shrimp, ham)   $1.45/ea
Sundried Tomatoes with Anchovies, Capers, Basil and Oil   $1.00/ea 

Small Plates

Onion Tarts
Orange Salad (sliced oranges, black olives, capers, nuts, parmesan cheese with
                           balsamic dressing)
Couscous Salad (lemon zest, pomegranate, nuts, scallions, parsley)
Fruit Salsa over Chicken (served hot or cold)
Fruit Salad with Fresh Herbs
Brie and Apricot Canapes
Green Beans with Roasted Pecan Dressing
Watercress Salad (goat cheese, walnuts, kiwi, pineapple)
Smoked Salmon Pate over Toast Triangles
Grilled Feta (olives, tomatoes, capers and pita triangles)


Lemon Chicken, Lasagna, Meatballs, Roasted Potatoes, Candied Carrots, Salad, B&B                               $16.00/person
Lasagna, Meatballs, Virginia Baked Ham, Baked Chicken, Boiled Potatoes, Candied Carrots                   $19.00/person
                  Tossed Salad, B&B
Lemon Chicken, Honey Mustard Pork Tenderloin, Roasted Potatoes, Candied Carrots,                            $18.00/person
                   Tossed Salad, B&B
Chicken and Mushrooms with Cream Sauce, Rosemary Pork Tenderloin, Potatoes Au Gratin,                $18.00/person
                   Spinach Gratin, Tossed Salad, B&B
Chicken Cacciatore, Sausage and Peppers, Lasagna, Meatballs, Tossed Salad, B&B                                   $17.00/person
Other Menu Options

Mediterranean Couscous, Greek Salad, Pastitsio
Roasted Vegetables with Gnocchi
Jamaican Jerk Chicken, Spicy Slaw, Scalloped Sweet Potatoes
Almond Encrusted Tilapia, Pan Fried Tilapia with Capers
Hearty Salads with Grilled Chicken or Salmon
Antipasto / Salad Nicoise / Oriental Salad
Chateau Briand with Mushrooms and Gravy or Blue Cheese and Walnuts
Stuffed Briocciole with Italian Herbs, Meats and Cheeses
Stuffed Pork Loin with Dried Fruit and Nuts with Gravy
​Linguini with Clam Sauce

Variety of Cookies                         $.75/each
Mini Eclairs                                   $1.00/each
Mini Cheesecakes                         $2.50/each
Mini Carrot Cakes                        $2.50/each
Mini Tarts                                      $2.50/each 
    (apple, cherry, peach, blueberry)
Cupcakes                                        $1.50/each
Cakes                                               $3.00/slice